Sometimes We Write Some Stuff

Every now and then we get ambitious and write an article or two.
They range from random thoughts to walk-throughs and how tos.


What Are Twitter Moments?

Starting today Twitter is rolling out a new feature called Moments. They are starting their rollout in the US, so if you don't see the Moments section (indicated with a lightning bolt) within Twitter just yet, don't worry, you will soon. Alright, What Is It? To sum it up, it could be called "the breaking…
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Turn Off iOS9’s WiFi Assist Because It’s Costing You Money

A new feature in iOS9 is causing some unexpectedly large cell phone bills. WiFi Assist is, in theory, something that is supposed to make your internet browsing experience better. When you are experiencing slow, terrible, cafe wifi it will switch over to using your mobile carrier's data instead, so you can continue browsing without having…
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Integrate Instagram With Your Website

Here's a few ways that we have used to integrate Instagram into some of our client's websites. If you have others that you would recommend, let us know! InstaLink InstaLink is an Instagram widget which allows you to display photos from an Instagram account or by tag on your website. It’s responsive, flexible, user-friendly Instagram…
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Error Adding New Tour Dates To GigPress

The Problem Since WordPress 4.3 came out a lot of the websites that we have built for musician's in Saskatoon have run into a problem when it comes to GigPress. For those unfamiliar, GigPress is a WordPress plugin that allows musicians to add tour dates to their website. The issue we ran into is that…
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Set Up A YouTube Video As A Website Background

First Attempt We needed to setup a small video file, looping as the background on Saskatoon musician, Jordan Cook's website as a teaser of what's to come with his band Reignwolf. Creating the video was fairly simple, we grabbed some static video files with licensing that allowed us to use them, a color bar image…
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Add A Datafile To An Oracle Tablespace

The Error We developed an Oracle application for Saskatoon's Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation that would take in grant applications. After a few years running we ran into an common error. ORA-01653: unable to extend table WORKSPACE_NAME.TABLE_NAME by SOME_SIZE in tablespace TABLESPACE_NAME If you receive the error mentioned above, it essentially means that you are…
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Redirecting Page Anchors Using Javascript

The Problem We recently did some work on a website for Saskatoon company, Envirotec through our partner, unINK, which is where we ran into a problem. Envirotec's service pages weren't being indexed by search engines. This was happening because the original developer of the website put their sub-services on to tabs which were swapped back…
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Associate Custom WordPress Post Types With Menu Items

we ran into a problem when putting together the new website for our Saskatoon based company... aka the one you are currently on. The problem was that we had new custom post types that we created and they weren't being associated with a parent menu item when viewing those pages. What Was Happening we have…
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Calgary, Edmonton, And Area Website Design

What's that? You need a website? Oh, a logo? Well isn't that a coincidence! As it turns out, we're pretty alright at creating those! A lot of companies do what we do, there's no denying it. With the internet being front and center when it comes to looking up a business, your web presence is…
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How To Change Your Facebook Page Web Address Or Page Username

When you first make a page on Facebook, you end up with a URL that starts with followed by pages followed by your page name followed by a bunch of random numbers or something to that effect. If you want to change your page username to something a bit more meaningful, give this a…
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