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WordPress, PHP 7, And Cherry Framework

Upgrading to PHP 7

WordPress and a lot of its plugins are starting to require PHP 7. Unfortunately, not all plugins are on the same page. Until all the plugin creators get things tested and pushed out for the newer version of PHP, upgrading can be a huge pain. One in particular is Cherry Framework. Lots of themes were built upon this framework and now that WooCommerce in particular is pushing for PHP 7, any site that has both installed is going to run into a big issue. We have had to fix a few of our client sites with this issue and hopefully what we ended up having to do will help you out as well.

Cherry Plugin

Luckily the fix that we found isn’t too difficult once you know where to look. Follow these instructions and hopefully it can fix your issue as well.

In your WordPress file structure, which you should be able to access through cPanel (or similar) or FTP, you will want to navigate to the plugins folder and look for cherry-plugin. Inside the cherry-plugin folder you will need to find includes and then the file plugin-assets.php and open it.

Inside that file you will want to comment out lines 6 through 9 which should be the uncommented lines you see below. If you are unfamiliar, to comment out in PHP just add // in front of each individual line.

// Exclude widget manager for customizer
global $wp_customize;
if ( !isset( $wp_customize ) ) {
    include_once (CHERRY_PLUGIN_DIR . 'includes/widgets/widgets-manager.php');

How To Check Themes & Other Plugins

If you are still having issues it may not be Cherry Framework related. You can download the PHP Compatibility Checker from WP Engine and it can help you track down other issues that may be occurring. Just so you are aware, just because this plugins shows A LOT of errors doesn’t mean they are fatal (will crash the site).

WP Engine’s PHP Compatibility Checker Plugin

Hope this helps some people out!

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