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WordPress Elementor Not Generating Post CSS Style

Brandon Mack November 15, 2023 0 Comments

Hopefully this helps someone out there! We have been running into an issue where Elementor isn't generating the post css files as it should and when loading the page nothing is showing as it should.

Where Are These CSS Files Supposed To Be Generated?

The files we are talking about should be generated in the uploads folder. You should see and Elementor folder and inside there a CSS folder. Each page created using elementor usually generates a css file in this location that controls all the formatting you have put in place using the drag and drop editor.

Have You Moved The WordPress Installation?

Well, let's get this out of the way. Have you moved the WordPress installation since you installed it? If you did, the old location is likely still stored in the database and this is where it is trying to generate those files.

Check your database, in the wp_options table, make sure that the uploads_path entry is set to the location of your uploads folder.

Check Your Folder Permissions

Maybe the plugin can't write to the css folder it created. Go into your file manager and check the permissions. Make sure they are set to 755 on the wp-content/uploads/elementor/css folder.

Have Elementor Regenerate The CSS Files

This can accomplished by going to WP admin > Elementor > Tools > Regenerate CSS. Then, you can clear the cache (WP cache and browser cache) and refresh the page.

Have The CSS Generated Inline

If you can't get this sorted, you can always tell elementor to generate the css inline on the page instead of generating a file.

You will find this settings in WP admin > Elementor > Settings > Advanced > CSS Print Method. Set this dropdown to Internal Embedding and save.

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