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Snapchat Snap Map

How To Turn Off Your Current Location In Snapchat’s Snap Map

So, Snapchat has made stalking a whole lot easier. With the latest update, they have added a new feature called the “Snap Map”. When you go to the Stories page and pinch the screen, it will show you a map with current locations of anyone who hasn’t locked down their settings.

Locking Down Your Location Settings

When the update was first released it should have asked you who you want to show your location to and your choices were either friends or no one at all. Most people seem to favor the Ghost mode which makes sure no one can see where you currently are. If you are a parent and your child has Snapchat it is something to make them aware of. If you want to change those settings at any time, here is how:

  1. Go to the Stories view in Snapchat
  2. Pinch the screen to see the map
  3. Click on the Settings icon in the top right
  4. Set this to Ghost Mode to keep your location private or chose specific friends to share your location with.

Our Story Feature And The Snap Map

The Our Story feature in Snapchat works a little different with the map. Regardless of your settings, anything you post to Our Story will show up on the map. When you view the map, you should see a bunch of hot spots or color gradients in certain areas. These are created by posts people are making. The hotter the color the more posts are taking place in the area. This is a great idea in theory. You could use this to find events you may not have been aware of. Something is bright hot red? Press the section, see what comes up. If you’re travelling, this would be a great way to explore!

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