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GigPress Error

Error Adding New Tour Dates To GigPress

Brandon Mack September 24, 2015 0 Comments

The Problem

Since WordPress 4.3 came out a lot of the websites that we have built for musician’s in Saskatoon have run into a problem when it comes to GigPress. For those unfamiliar, GigPress is a WordPress plugin that allows musicians to add tour dates to their website.

The issue we ran into is that when a musician tries to add a new date AND tries to create a venue during that same process, it leads to a page not found 404 error.

The Fix (That Works Sometimes)

Sometimes the fix is as simple as deactivating the plugin and then reactivating it. Once this is done in some cases, you can go ahead with adding a new tour date and creating the venue in the same process.

The Work-Around

For the times when the deactivation and reactivation doesn’t work, there is still a work-around. All you have to do is add the venue first, separately, using the Venue submenu on the left-hand side. Once the venue is added, you can go through your regular process and instead of creating the venue on the fly, just choose it from the dropdown menu for venues.

We are still researching to find out what the actual underlying problem is so we can get it fixed properly. I’m not sure if the creator of GigPress knows about it, but I’m sure it will be addressed in a future update.

Adding Tour Dates In GigPress

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