LiveCycle ES4 Training Manual


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Digital training manual containing 5 lessons on Adobe LiveCycle ES4 including associated training files. This does not include the Adobe LiveCycle ES4 software or software licensing.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Navigation The Application

  • Navigating The Environment
  • Saving A Form
  • Filling Out Form Properties

Lesson 2: Creating A Basic Form

  • Planning A Form
  • Inserting Form Fields Into A Form
  • Managing The Tab Order
  • Previewing A Form Inside LiveCycle

Lesson 3: Creating An Advanced Form

  • Implementing A Subform
  • Creating A Table

Lesson 4: Master Pages And Formatting

  • Adding Elements Onto Every Page Using Master Pages
  • Adding Page Numbers
  • Formatting Elements

Lesson 5: Scripting And FormCalc In Forms

  • Navigating The Script Editor
  • Using FormCalc To Calculate Values In A Table
  • Using JavaScript To Calculate Values In A Table
  • Applying Usage Rights To PDF Documents


You may download and use this training manual for personal use. You may not download this training manual for distribution or commercial use without permission. If you are looking to instruct a course using this training manual, please contact us and we can discuss.

Posted on: November 23, 2016

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