Book Inventory Excel Workbook


An Excel Workbook to track inventory for incoming and outgoing books. This was originally created for a training center that needed a simple way to keep track of how many books they had on hand.

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The file consists of three worksheets. The Books List sheet that displays a list of all the books that you enter with columns for student books on hand, instructor books on hand, student books currently ordered, and instructor books currently ordered. Conditional formatting is implemented to show low inventory levels based on a number you can enter. The Out sheet that keeps track of the courses ran, when they ran, and how many books were given out for them. The In sheet that keeps track of how many books were ordered, when they were ordered, when they were received, and the order number. All information is setup in tables and is utilizing the build in table naming functionality. This is used in both the data validation lists that exist in the tables to create drop downs to choose books on the In and Out sheets as well as the lookup for the calculations on the Books List sheet. The calculations on the Books List sheet look up books by name and implement a combination of SUM and SUMIFS functions and TableName[ColumnName] referencing.

Posted on: January 31, 2021

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