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Convert Text To Outlines In IIllustrator

Converting Fonts To Outlines In Illustrator

Brandon Mack November 2, 2015 0 Comments

The Problem

Well, apparently there are still some people out there that aren’t aware that a font they have on their computer doesn’t necessarily exist on someone else’s. I was asked to change a logo for a client and upon opening the logo in Illustrator, I was greeted with a lovely little dialog box letting me know that fonts were missing.

Fonts Not Available


When it comes to dealing with fonts in Illustrator, I recommend making a copy of the text layer. Leave one as the font, so it can be changed later if you need to and convert the other to an outline. This way, if someone opens the logo and doesn’t have the font, they can still view the outline layers and see the font exactly how it is supposed to look.

Convert Text To An Outline

  1. Select the text layer
  2. Click on the “Type” dropdown from the menu at the top
  3. Select “Create Outlines”

The keyboard shortcut is Shift + CTRL + O if you prefer to use it.

That’s it, that’s all!

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