Two Common Mistakes New Businesses Make

Two Common Mistakes New Businesses Make

Brandon Mack February 23, 2016 0 Comments

Usually I post 'how to' articles on things I come across when working with clients hoping it will help others save some time. Sometimes I even post articles on how to use new aspects of social media

Brandon Mack November 4, 2015 0 Comments

Twitter's Change Of Heart See what I did there? Yeah, it's dumb I know. I'm talking about the play on words... well, AND the change on Twitter. Apparently changing the star (favorite) to a heart(like) makes Twitter

Starting today Twitter is rolling out a new feature called Moments. They are starting their rollout in the US, so if you don't see the Moments section (indicated with a lightning bolt) within Twitter just yet, don't

Brandon Mack February 17, 2014 0 Comments

Start Rant I can't believe how many people still don't understand how tweeting works. It's a fairly simple concept... or at least I thought so. Maybe I give people more credit than they deserve... I'm writing this